Big Daddy's Farm


Big Daddy's Farm is located on a 54 acre plot of land in Whitefield, Maine. The tall green house you see is currently home to myself, my wife Melanie, and three out of our four daughters: Calista Nicole, Shae-Lynn Marie, and Christina Rose. The attached building used to be the Cottage Hospital beginning in the 1920's. The property has served as a farm, local hospital, beer brewery, and home to many.


My wife, Melanie, and I purchased the property in 2003 as a temporary residence as we were building our next home closer to the coast. During our stay here, my former construction company of 23 years suffered bankruptcy. Our oldest child, Benaiah John, suffers from autism and has required extensive intervention and advocacy on our part. These and other circumstances have prompted us to pursue this career change.


The privilege of being a dad and the desire to be available for all of my children has prompted the name "Big Daddy's Farm." Although our farm is still in it's infancy, we hope you'll consider supporting our efforts while enjoying the ultimate in pork. In time, with your help, we'll offer many more products that will contribute to a healthier life for many.

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